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One Mile End meet up.

Fun family day out for the Lost Boys.

Blistering sun, some average mates, but good beer. Two of the four Lost Boys are included in this tasty tale, George and I (Jon - Head Brewer).

You should all reserve at least one Saturday and head down to the One Mile End brewery and tap room. This past Saturday was my first visit and I cannot wait to head back there!

I'll get to the beers in a minute, but firstly the atmosphere of the whole place is brilliant. Good music, good food, and good people. It's a nice little social gathering where you can chat to some very normal people about very normal topics. However I'll be straight, I was secretly getting feedback about what people like about their beer so I can work certain ideas into our arsenal. When we arrived I was surprised to find that the whole event had such a family friendly vibe to it. There was a big sandpit and paddling pools for the kids, while the parents could all relax back on some sea-side deck chairs. Very wholesome indeed. AMAZING food was supplied by Tangys Tasty Stuff, the woman is a damn good cook. Oh and the crispy chicken rolls are top notch.

I'll give it too them, they put on a good party.

Now for the important stuff. The beer. When it comes to summer beers, One Mile End has it down to a T. Although George already had his mind set on his particular favourite, I was determined to get around them all - or at least try! I'll start at the beginning;

El Topo - Tropical Triple IPA 10%.

This beer makes me believe there is a God. It wasn't until I went back for the next beer that I noticed it was rocking a healthy 10%. It certainly doesn't taste it. My personal taste buds will always have an undying loyalty to a triple hop IPA. Never in my beer drinking life have I sipped a pint so perfect (feel free to suggest your personal favourites to me). I believe this one is fermented with mango, guava, and passion fruit to give it a real tropical fruit kick. Don't let the high alcohol content put you off, because it doesn't show in the taste at all.

Salvation - Pale Ale 4.4%

Amazing session ale. The thing that I love about One Mile End is their use of fruit in a lot of their beers. With the Salvation you get a strong taste of grapefruit and like a lot of beers with US hops there is a background taste and aroma of orange. As you would expect being a pale ale it has that bitterness to it, however it's not too powerful - proven by the fact it's a personal favourite of George's who will tell you bitterness is a big turn off for him. I however really enjoyed it's subtlety, although for a session beer I would probably prefer a slightly lower percentage. Which I know is probably quite an unpopular opinion.

Morello Cherry Gose - Gose 4.2%

If you like your sour beers then this one is a solid pick. Two weeks ago I had the privilege to undertake the Bermondsey Beer Mile, and the first spot on the list was the Fourpure tap room. They make an incredible cherry sour which in my personal opinion tips OME to the line. I've got to give it to One Mile End though they make a fantastic cherry gose. However for me, it's a lane that is flooded with similar quality beers. I would still recommend you give it a try though.

That concludes the list we managed to get through - a list made considerably shorter by more than a couple too many El Topos. Get down there on a Saturday and give some of their beers a try, then let us know how you get on.

Also please feel free to fill us in on any other brewery tap rooms that we should be heading down to try. It's become a personal favourite hobby of mine!

Anyway cheers for taking the time to read my ramblings.

Your drinking partner,

Jon Lost Boys Brewer

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