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Brewtiful Bottles.

Mini bottle tasting session

WILD BOAR IPA made by the infamous BUXTON brewery really delivered on the punch of bitterness; the dryness of the finish really did help to complement the tart finish and fruity trail left on your taste buds. These guys have really personified what an IPA should be, packed full of flavour with an earthy, bitterness to finish. I would recommend this brew on a nice pub lunch, sun high in the sky and with some juicy, medium-rare meat to

accompany it.

ROCK HOPPER Pale ale made by the ROCK HOPPER Brewing Co who are putting their own modern twist on the classics. There are a few variations on their pale ale, we tried 02 Target NZ Cascade which uses British hops which helps with the slight bitterness but is an easy drinker and goes down a treat. I must admit quite a fizzy individual when drinking but nonetheless this didn’t impact the flavour of the citrus zing finished off with a bitter kiss. I would highly recommend this one as a session beer with the amigos down the boozer.

Warm wishes,

Your pal Jordan.

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